Bran Morwyn

Former quartermaster of the equally former Vaxanide CCXXXIV, now ship's quartermaster aboard Opus Imperatoris.


“I take it you are the one responsible for the careless waste of ammunition on this ship? Do you think those bolts grow on trees?”

An often surly, and eternally cheap man; rumour is even his own Guard captain had to argue to have munitions released to the troops of the Vaxanide CCXXXIV. Shrewd, of sound judgement, and dependable as an officer, and more than a little overweight.

Morwyn handles all the various tedium and minutiae of the day-to-day running of the ship; he sees to the distribution of provisions (‘…and no one grain of protein supplement more, you worthless curs.’), equipment (‘…remember lads: If you break it, I break you.’) and everything else between the navigator’s spire and the underdecks bilge pumps.

Bran Morwyn

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