Perrias Kabash

First officer aboard the Opus Imperatori, known as the 'Archangel of Mydon'.


“You cannot cheat death forever. But you can give the bastard a run for his money…”

Perrias Kabash is a pitiable, gravely alcoholic fragment of a once grand human being. He was once a daring dogfighter and an expert duellist, but the bottle has taken that away from him. Now he serves as first officer aboard the Opus Imperatori, a position that makes good use of his experience as a naval officer. His once raven black hair is salted with white and where he was once immaculately shaven, he now often sports at least a day’s old shadow of a beard. But his eyes still gleam as they look upon the majesty of space from the ship’s bridge.

Perrias has a long career in the Imperial Navy behind him, and took part in the Damocles crusade as a young officer in the 740s.

Aboard the Opus Imperatori, the story of Perrias Kabash, ‘the Archangel of Mydon’ is told in hushed whispers. In 784.M41, his squadron fought ork fighters in the void around the imperial colony of Mydon. The pious colonists named them ‘angels’ for their protection of their home. Later, an Inquistitor attached to the fleet ordered the Mydon bombed from orbit to eradicate the orks that had gained a foothold on the world, something that the Admiral took a great deal of pleasure in, as he disliked Perrias due to his popularity amongst both the midshipmen and colonists. Officer Kabash’s wing was assigned to bomber duties and the ‘Archangel of Mydon’ became the angel of death.

Perrias is troubled by dark dreams of pleading voices over crackling vox channels and has trouble falling asleep unless his senses are dulled by amasec.

Perrias Kabash

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