Jason 'Jay' Rivers

Void marshal of the Opus Imperatoris.


Born as the second son of once a living legend – admiral Gordon Rivers, young Jason at the age of 12 witnessed the death of his 7 years older brother Ron. After the loss, his father broke the code and disgraced the imperial uniform in a suicidal vengeance mission on Ron’s killer – Cpt. Sterlitz.

Ever since Jason’s life had changed. He got rid of all anger and focused only on navy trainings in the A-level academy of Xruth – the elite imperial training facility of austere rigor and discipline. As one of the best pilots of the academy he was recruited to become a attack craft pilot on the Invictus – a Mars class battlecruiser, where over the last 14 years he proved to be a heroic fighter and talented combat strategist.

At the age of 32 lieutenant Rivers fell that serving under his wing commander was of no good for his future career. Hence when he heard that the Dumar dynasty was looking for a void marshal he went to see Forras Cale who said:

- Your reputation, bravery and wisdom are no worse than those of your father. You are exactly the Void-Master I was looking for. Welcome to Opus Imperatoris.

Jason 'Jay' Rivers

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