Juniper Lareine

Magos Explorator and Enginseer Prime aboard the Opus Imperatoris.


Petit by figure even with her two augmented mechadendrites the Enginseer Prime, Juniper Lareine, is one of the newest members of the crew on Opus Imperatoris. Even if there had been other applicants to the vacant post of commanding techprest on board her knowledge of Koronus Expanse made her the obvious choice. The Magos Explorator keeps quiet about herself but taking from her obvious interest and skills in medicine and biological science before choosing to take the quest for knowledge as her main pursuit she has most probably been a member of Divisio Biologis.

Magos Lareine likes to keep to herself spending most of her leisure time in her quarters. Those who have had the chance to get a glimpse of what the Mechanicus adepta hides in her chambers tell stories of jars filled with vicious looking, formalin-preserved creatures, mystical manuscripts hanging from the walls and strange, eerie sounds created by various unknown machines scattered all over the room. Truth is less fascinating, and in fact the colorful rumors mostly result from the chaotic state of the premises. Even though logical and systematic by nature when it comes to such simple chores as keeping her belongings in order or keeping up normal conversation – like many highly intelligent individuals – she could be called quite hopeless. In addition, she has strictly prohibited other crew members, even lower techpriests, from entering her chambers saying that the holy artefacts enshrined there are not to be seen by the eyes of those less pious in their faith of the Omnissiah.

Wherever she goes a faint whiff of sweet incense follows Magos Lareine. Like the priests of Cult of the Machine she is usually seen wearing red robes with deep, white cogwheel rimmed hood covering her head. When the hood is down attention is easily drawn on her remaining right eye, ice-blue and always observing people like they were test subjects in an experiment. Owing to most of her face being hidden behind the respiratory augmentation covering the lower parts and audio-visual bionics implanted on the left side it is hard to predict the age of the techpriest. One cue is her blonde, short-cut hair growing wild on the organic areas of her scalp and not yet showing signs of turning to silver. Juniper seldom leaves her quarters without two items: hovering servoskull called Rex and the massive, Cog Mechanicum ornated power axe.

Juniper Lareine

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