Squadrons of Opus Imperatoris

“Gentlemen, I bid you welcome. Welcome to the blood, to the sweat, to the tears. Welcome to your places on the line. May the Throne keep you.”
-Arcturos Fein, Confessor squadron

Wing leaders
Arcturos Fein
“The suspense, I assure you, is killing me.”

Arcturos Fein is a humourless stalwart who pursues his duty with a cold diligence that would scare even some of the more belligerent elements of the Imperial Navy (which rumour also has as the reason why he has found employment outside the command structure of the navy). He is deeply pious, enjoys few things more than deep void bombing runs and runs his squadron, ‘the Confessors’, with draconian, although wholly unimaginative, efficiency.

Maximilian Brax
“Shall we dance?”

A scoundrel, womaniser, and probably a thief and imposter, Maximilian Brax is one of the most loved and hated men on the flight decks of the Opus imperatoris. His ‘Calixan Flying Circus’ is a collection of similar braggarts, posers and degenerates whose only redeeming quality is that they are skilled interceptor pilots.

Jarlo Follen
Jarlo Follen leads the ‘Black Paws’ squadron and specialises in the dangerous job of ferrying boarding teams in Shark assault boats to enemy vessels (and preferably back as well). Consequently, Follen himself is an able close quarters fighter. He is also a solid drinker, liable to be found in the officers’ mess at most hours. He and his men also have a defiant streak and are easily recognisable by their extensive tattoos and happy-go-lucky demeanour.

Squadrons of Opus Imperatoris

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