What is it that makes humanity great?

The year is 822.M41. While the galaxy stands on the brink of a new era of darkness as the Age of Redemption has drawn to a close and the Waning of Mankind begins, humanity scrambles to prepare and seek shelter for the storms ahead. This is a time when wills must be forged in the fires of desperate conflict, lest one is pulled down and sunk into bleak oblivion. The fruits of success are glory, treasures and everlasting fame, while the price of failure is damnation, uncounted tears and one’s very sanity.

The place is the Koronus Expanse, deep in the cursed Halo Stars, and these are stories of human beings, and the focus is their brightest heroism and darkest failings.

The God-Emperor protects.

Date: 238.820.M41
Source: Hall of the Steel Saints, Port Wander
Author: Lucillus Rhals
Received: Commercial dock offices, Port Wander

Listen up, all prospective lord-captains! Buy the best quality ships for sale in the sector. Our inventory consists of a wide range of vessels from certified salvage yards across the Imperium!

Opus Imperatoris
Tonnage: 37 megatonnes
Length: 7.3 km
Crew compliment (not included): 112,000 souls (or the equivalent)

Note also the launch bay capacity, equivalent of 240 interceptor-sized craft; think of the salvage operations it could conduct! And it can be yours, all for a scant finders fee of a few paltry billion thrones! (No credit accepted, but prices in commodities negotiable!)

(Note: No interceptors nor any other craft included in base price, but we have a absolutely splendid selection of craft to choose from!)

Welcome to Lucillus Rhals’s Emporium of Fine, Fine Spaceships!


Lucillus Rhals

The Crew
Rogue trader and Lord-Captain of the Opus Imperatoris, holder of the Dumar warrant of trade: Lansac Julitae Dumar
Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Explorator and Enginseer Prime: Juniper Lareine
Chief Navigator: Presea Rodes
Void Marshal and Fighter Ace: Jayson ‘Jay’ Rivers

And the campaign is now officially under way. With the arrival of lord-captain Lansac Julitae Dumar, the crew have started their adventures; or, perhaps, their adventures have found them, as an armada of greenskins has been sighted coming in system, its bestial eyes and crude guns set upon Port Wander…

It would be helpful if we could eventually have a short introduction for each of the player characters in their Biography entries. Just a short description and some basic facts that are commonly known about them would do the trick. You can be as detailed or as general as you like. Just go in and edit the Biography section, and send out an email alert.

Opus Imperatoris, Homines Voluntas

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